Structural Drying

When water enters a property and causes damage, is it only natural to think about how you are going to cleanup the mess. While removing the water through traditional means may sound like a good idea, it is important to note that you don’t want to leave any behind.

At Captain Cleanup, we use an advance structural drying process to ensure that any wet areas are 100 percent dry before we move forward with restoration.

Why is this Important?

After the damage is done, it is easy to believe that things couldn’t get any worse. However, if the structure is not properly dried this is exactly what could happen. With our drying methods in place, you never have to concern yourself with secondary damage or future mold growth.

Through the use of drying equipment, we can accomplish the following:

  • •Prevent water damage such as warped floors
  • •Minimize secondary water damage
  • •Create airflow to evaporate moisture, thus reducing the chance of mold growth

Document Drying

In addition to structural drying, we have what it takes to preserve the well-being of any damaged documents.
While some documents cannot be fully restored, here are the many drying methods we use:

  • Air drying
  • Freezer drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Vacuum thermal drying
  • Vacuum freeze drying

Structural drying is necessary, no matter how much water entered your home. From a full blown flood to a plumbing leak, if you are dealing with wetness we can step in and ensure that your property is dried in an efficient and effective manner.

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