Fire Restoration in Cape Coral

While most fires are preventable with simple things such as removing lint from your dryer or using flame-less candles, it can still happen for a variety of reason. Fire displaces people from their homes, and puts a stop to business. Captain Cleanup is helping people like yourself in the Cape Coral area. Our fire restoration services are preformed quickly and safely, helping to restore your property to its preloss condition, getting you back into your home or your business back in operations.

Get The Help You Need

Fire leaves a toxic smoke throughout your property. This smoke also damages your property and contents within your property. However it is not always the fire and the smoke that causes the most damage, the steps taken to extinguish the fire too can cause serious damage. It is important to begin the fire restoration process once the authorities declare the property is safe to reenter. Captain Cleanup will begin working to restore your home or business from fire damage, quickly and safely.

What Do I Do First?

Once the property is declared sage to enter, contact Captain Cleanup. We will send an experienced professional team member to your property immediately. They will then determine the severity of the damage and begin work immediately. You now need to contact your insurance company, if you have not already, report the problem and make a claim. We will do all we can to make this process as stress free as possible, getting your property to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Disaster Emergency?

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