Water Damage Clean Up in Cape Coral

Captain Cleanup has the experience and knowledge to safely and successfully clean up your home or business from water damage, restoring the property to its preloss condition. Regardless to if the water damage is due to leak or flooding, it is extremely important to have the water damage cleaned up immediately and professionally to prevent any secondary damage due to toxic mold growth.

We Can Help

Captain Cleanup’s experienced and professional team are able to help Cape Coral residents and business owners like yourself with any water damage clean up needs. With the experience and right equipment we are able to handle any water damage problem quickly and safely. Our team is focused on drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water as quickly as possible, making your property safe to live within or operate out of.

What Do I Do First?

First things first, if you notice water damage in your home or business contact Captain Cleanup. We will get a team member on site to assess the extent of the problem and begin the cleanup process immediately. Next you need to contact your insurance company, report the problem and start a claim. This process will be made as easy as possible on our end, saving you time, money and reducing your stress.

Ignoring the problem will only have devastating effects on your property, costing more in the long run and possibly creating a a dangerous situation for your health and the health of others within your property. Do not ignore the problem, contact Captain Cleanup today.


Disaster Emergency?

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