Water Damage Cleanup in Port Charlotte

Water damage is not your only concern. If the water is left undried over 48 hours mold can begin to grow. This only adds to cleanup costs and puts yourself and others within your property at a health risk. Many other home and business owners in the Port Charlotte area have turned to Captain Cleanup for water damage cleanup services.

Cleaning Up Water Damage

Captain Cleanup will send a team to your property immediately. They will fully assess the damage, determine the cause and begin the water damage cleanup process. Using professional equipment our team will remove any water and fully dry the affected area. Mold is a serious concern with water damage, this is why we treat the area with an antimicrobial solution to prevent any future mold growth. We will make any repairs to your home or business, bringing it back to its pre-loss condition.

Make The Call

Do not want until the problem worsens. Captain Cleanup is available to your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A simple phone call will result in a professional team at your property, ready to begin the water damage cleanup process.

Disaster Emergency?

Contact us now. Our trusted team is available to you 24/7. (239) 687-3577 or
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We cover every county in Florida. No need to worry, Captain Cleanup is there for you.

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