Water Damage Cleanup in Sanibel

Water damage causes concern for toxic mold. Do not ignore the problem, contact Captain Cleanup immediately to begin the water damage cleanup process. While there are steps you can take to cleanup the mess yourself, the safest way to go is to contact a professional. If you are in the Sanibel area, contact Captain Cleanup today.

Water Damage is Not Your Biggest Problem

Ignoring water damage does not just leave an ugly stain on your walls and create a fowl odor on your rugs, it causes issues deep down within your property. Not acting quickly can have devastating results. In as little as 48 hours toxic mold can begin to form, causing serious health risks and costly damages to your property.

At Captain Cleanup we act quickly, getting someone to your property as soon as possible. Within 24 hours the water damage cleanup process will begin. Using professional equipment we will remove any water, treat the property with an antimicrobial spray and begin the drying process. We will work to get your property back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Call On Us Today

There is no need to wait, contact Captain Cleanup today. We will get a team member to your property quickly, have them assess the problem and call in other team members to start the water damage cleanup process. In the mean time you will need to contact your insurance company, make a report and start a claim. The water damage cleanup process will cost little to nothing out of pocket for you.

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